Thursday, July 27, 2017

Act Now If You Use The Zebra MC9090 As The End of Serviceable Life Has Arrived!

Act Now If You Use The Zebra MC9090 As The End of Serviceable Life Has Arrived!

If you have a Zebra MC9090 mobile computer, as shown in the image on the right, you should look to update immediately, or at least have a contingency plan in place. Sales of the MC9090 unit stopped during 2012. The MC9090 was truly a work horse, but produce and functionality have moved on. The MC9090 was initially replaced by the MC9190, which in turn was itself replaced by the MC9200.

On the Zebra official customer website it states that the Service & Support Discontinuation Date of the MC9090 WM MOBILE COMPUTER SUPPORT (windows mobile version) is July 2017. The same site mentions that the Service & Support Discontinuation Date of the MC9090 CE MOBILE COMPUTER SUPPORT (the Windows CE version) is Dec the 28th of 2017. 

However, our team has been informed by many customers that repair services for the MC9090 are currently taking significantly longer than expected, and it is clear that if you are still using MC9090 units you will see more and more support challenges in the future. 

Of course, there are companies that purchase used units and break them down into parts so they can continue repairing units in the field, but how reliable and costly will this actually be? 
It comes down to: 
  • How reliant is your organization on the MC9090s?
  • How many MC9090s do you have?
  • What is the cost of updating to newer models?
  • How compatible are newer units to your existing software and its configurations? 

Zebra MC9200
Zebra TC8000
We would strongly suggest looking at options and at a minimum, and we would highly recommend having a plan in place. 

We suggest the best plan is to get hold of the latest units like the MC9200 or the TC8000 and test their compatibility with your applications. This will help assess potential changes, suitable configurations, and be able to accurately budget for updates. At least you will have a contingency plan in place, and even if you do not want to replace your complete fleet of units in one go, you can start to purchase new units, to replace old units as they fail. 

RedLine Solutions have been a partner of Zebra for 20 years and would happy to talk about what your options are to help you plan, with no obligations. Feel free to call us at 408-562-1700 or email

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