Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Caring Resources for Challenging Times

Caring Resources for These Challenging Times

The Covid-19 virus pandemic has changed our lives in numerous ways.  Anyone following the daily news has been inundated with constant updates on the problems. So much so, I am limiting the amount of news I watch. Instead I’m turning my thoughts to solutions. I do this by spending time to stimulate my body with exercise, trying to eat in healthy ways, and turning my attention to counter-balancing all the negativity. I am also feeding my mind with daily positive content, uplifting messages, and things like music that bring me joy.

This has been helpful in keeping me focused on the fact that we are in a temporary situation- but nonetheless we all feel pressures. As I thought about the various needs of our families, co-workers, and community an idea came to me; by putting together a web page that aggregated resources we could serve our community. I assembled a team of employees and requested resources from them and my friends and family. We set our intention and shifted our focus from business to building a web page that would serve a higher purpose. The content includes links for supplemental resources for homeschooling, making face masks, online meeting resources, and various mental health links. We also included some religious, spiritual, art and inspirational resources.

Caring about people is part of who I am, it is an important part of the culture at RedLine Solutions. Today I am pleased to announce the launch of our Caring Resources web page.

Caring Resources

I am clear that this page is not all encompassing, may not adequately represent our diversity, and is light in content. I am also clear that its purpose is to provide valuable resources on a variety of topics many of us can use now.  Perhaps more importantly, it might inspire you to search for resources to answer the questions you may be facing. I am partial to classic rock music and found many of the links here. If you love country, R&B, classical or other, I hope you will look for the music you enjoy. Our Care Team’s job is not over, in fact we are just getting started. If you have resources in any of these topic areas or would like to comment or make a suggestion, please email the topic and links to We will be meeting weekly to review suggestions and screen content to ensure it follows our purpose, then prioritize for our web developer to add items to the page.

As we go through this difficult time we can focus on the challenges and disappointments of today or focus on using the resources available to us and do our best to focus on a better tomorrow.

Together we will get through this pandemic and hopefully come out on the other side with more empathy, kindness, and appreciation for all we have taken for granted.

We hope you find our Caring Resources page to be helpful and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Todd Baggett

Author: Todd Baggett - CEO of RedLine Solutions

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